“He who seeks good finds good will,” Proverbs 11:27, NIV.

Cecil and Rena Bennett started the Deaf Institute back in March of 1968, because he saw a need through his daughter, Cheryl. They chose to totally rearrange their lives and the lives of their family so they could take the good news to deaf and hard of hearing people. That is just the way Cecil and Rena were. They would seek out what was good and do it, even if it meant sacrifice.”

Cecil wrote the following back in 1993:

“A group of 15-18 deaf people went on a mission trip a couple of years after the Deaf Institute was born. The trip was to Mt. Orab Church of Christ where Cheryl, during the meeting, stood up in front of the whole church and said, ‘I am glad I am deaf because all of these deaf people here are Christians, and they are in the Church of Christ because my father is a minister and I am deaf, and he started because of me.’ How wonderful that good works can follow good people even after they die. Rena left to be at home with Jesus on May 18, 1986. I am honored to have been her husband for over one-half a century and to have had a part in nurturing the Deaf Institute through a quarter century.”

Cecil’s funeral was happening at the same time as the 9/11 crisis. While the country was in chaos, we were inside God’s house praising Him for all the good that has been accomplished through Cecil’s life. Deaf and hearing were all remembering and telling about the life of this man who would seek to find good and found the good will of others in the process.

Through the years since Cecil and Rena started the Deaf Institute, God has greatly blessed us. We continue to seek to do good and to share good news. Our goals have never changed although technology and how we accomplish our goals has adjusted with the times and the needs.

2008 was the 40th anniversary of the Deaf Institute. Bryan and Pam Eubanks joined Cecil in 1991. They have a Deaf son and understand the joys and challenges of serving with the Deaf. We praise God for everyone who has helped us through the years. No one person could do what we are doing. It takes people like you who are willing to help with your prayers, your financial support and your willingness to volunteer and seek to do good.